EMF Health-effects Research

Intensity of mobile phone use and health compromising behaviours: how is information and communication technology connected to health-related lifestyle in adolescence?

Leena K, Tomi L, Arja RR.

J Adolesc. 28(1):35-47, 2005

The association of mobile phone use with health compromising behaviours (smoking, snuffing, alcohol) was studied in a survey comprising a representative sample of 14-16-year-olds in 2001.

Mobile phone was used by 89% of respondents and by 13% for at least 1h daily. The intensity of use was positively associated with health compromising behaviours. The associations remained, although somewhat reduced, after including weekly spending money in the models.

This study concludes that, at least in the present developmental level of communication technologies, intensive mobile phone use seems to be part of the same health-related lifestyle as health compromising behaviours.

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