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Acute radio frequency irradiation does not affect cell cycle, cellular migration, and invasion,

Lee JJ, Kwak HJ, Lee YM, Lee JW, Park MJ, Ko YG, Choi HD, Kim N, Pack JK, Hong SI, Lee JS

Bioelectromagnetics, 29(8):615-625, 2008

Although in vitro studies have been previously conducted to determine the biological effects of radio frequency (RF) radiation, it has not yet been determined whether or not RF radiation poses a potential hazard. This study was conducted to determine whether RF radiation exposure exerts detectable effects on cell cycle distribution, cellular invasion, and migration.

NIH3T3 mouse fibroblasts were exposed to 849 MHz of RF radiation at average SAR values of 2 or 10 W/kg for either 1 h, or for 1 h per day for 3 days. During the exposure period, the temperature in the exposure chamber was maintained isothermally by circulating water throughout the cavity. Cell cycle distribution was analyzed at 24 and 48 h after exposure, by flow cytometry.

We detected no statistically significant differences between the sham-exposed and RF radiation-exposed cells. Cellular invasion and migration were assessed by in vitro Matrigel invasion and Transwell migration assays. The RF radiation-exposed groups evidenced no significant changes in motility and invasiveness compared to the sham-exposed group.

However, the ionizing radiation-exposed cells, used as a positive control group, manifested dramatic alterations in their cell cycle distribution, cellular invasiveness, and migration characteristics. Our results show that 849 MHz RF radiation exposure exerts no detectable effects on cell cycle distribution, cellular migration, or invasion at average SAR values of 2 or 10 W/kg.

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