EMF Health-effects Research

Visual abnormalities associated with high-energy microwave exposure

Lim JI, Fine SL, Kues HA, Johnson MA.

Retina 13(3):230-233, 1993

A 44-year-old man was accidentally exposed to high-energy microwave irradiation. After resolution of facial erythema and iritis, he noted a foreign body sensation and blurring of vision. Ophthalmoscopic examination showed bilateral, small hard drusen. Ancillary tests were consistent with abnormal cone function.

Electroretinogram testing revealed a marked decrease in the flicker electroretinogram. Results of D15 and Farnsworth Munsel Hue 100 color tests were abnormal.

Two years later, the patient's visual acuity was stable at 20/25 in both eyes; however, results of flicker electroretinogram test remain markedly decreased.

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Comment by: Appleton B, Osepchuk J, Cohen J. A case of color vision abnormality and reduced amplitude of the 30 Hz flicker dark-adapted electroretinographic (ERG) Retina 15(2):170-172, 1995.

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