EMF Health-effects Research

Biological aspects of mobile communication fields

Lin JC,

Wireless Networks 3 (6) , pp. 439-453, 1997

[Overview] Our knowledge on the biological effects of RF radiation has been increasing for many decades. It has become a focus of attention because of the accelerated use of RF radiation for wireless communication over the past few years. It is fairly well established that at sufficiently high power levels, RF and microwave energy can produce deleterious biological effects. Wireless communication systems use low power modulated forms of RF and microwave radiation that was not investigated extensively in the past. Thresholds and SARs for biological effects both vary widely. Many specific questions must be answered before any consistent, dependable and scientific conclusions can be drawn for the biological effects and safety of wireless mobile communication systems.

Nevertheless, available data do not suggest any immediate cause for concern of a impending threat to public health from acute or short term exposure to low level RF and microwave radiation. Investigations to answer some of the questions have already begun. Many of them are designed to study the effects of long term exposure.

When considering repeated, low level irradiation, the possibility of cumulative effects have been raised. While there is presently no confirmed evidence for cumulative effect, there is little information to the contrary.

Large scale epidemiological investigations should also be undertaken among the two-way mobile communication and cellular telephone users who may be exposed to varying levels of RF radiation over time. Better understanding is needed of the mechanisms of interaction between RF/microwave radiation and biological systems, and of the significance of any observed effects. Enormous progress has been made in the difficult area of dosimetry. However, measurement of energy distribution in and around a subject for exposure assessment remains a challenge, more so for large numbers of people. This type of quantitative information is also required for extrapolation from animal experimentation to human response.

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