EMF Health-effects Research

Extraordinary behavior disorders in cows in proximity to transmission stations.

Loscher W, Kas G

Der Praktische Tierarz 79:437-444, 1998

(Article in German)

In addition to reduction of milk yield and increased health problems, behavioral abnormalities were observed over a period of two years in a herd of diary cows maintained in close proximity to a TV and cell phone transmitting antenna.

Evaluation of possible factors which could explain the abnormalities in the live stock did not disclose any factors other than the high-frequency electromagnetic fields. An experiment in which a cow with abnormal behavior was brought to a stable 20 km away from the antenna resulted in a complete normalization of the cow within five days, whereas symptoms returned when the cow was brought back to the stable nearby the antenna.

In view of the previous described effects of electromagnetic fields, it might be possible that the observed abnormalities in cows are related to electromagnetic field exposure. (power densities measured 0.02-7 mW/m2).

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