EMF Health-effects Research

Scalp localization of human auditory cortical activity modified by GSM electromagnetic fields

Maby E, Jeannes Rle B, Faucon G

Int J Radiat Biol, 82(7):465-472, 2006

Purpose: This study attempted to determine whether there is a localized effect of GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) microwaves by studying the Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEP) recorded at the scalp of nine healthy subjects and six epileptic patients.

Materials and methods: We determined the influence of GSM RadioFrequency (RF) on parameters characterizing the AEP in time or/and frequency domains. A parameter selection method using SVM (Support Vector Machines)-based criteria allowed us to estimate those most altered by the radiofrequencies.

The topography of the parameter modifications was computed to determine the localization of the radiofrequency influence. A statistical test was conducted for selected scalp areas, in order to determine whether there were significant localized alterations due to the RF.Results: The epileptic patients showed a lengthening of the scalp component N100 (100 ms latency) in the frontal area contralateral to the radiation, which may be due to an afferent tract alteration.

For the healthy subjects, an amplitude increase of the P200 wave (200 ms latency) was identified in the frontal area.

Conclusions: The present study suggests that radiofrequency fields emitted by mobile phones modify the AEP. Nevertheless, no direct link between these findings and RF-induced damages in brain function was established.

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