EMF Health-effects Research

Mobile phone related-hazards and subjective hearing and vision symptoms in the Saudi population.

Meo SA, Al-Drees AM

Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 18(1):53-57, 2005

OBJECTIVES: Over the past decade utilization of mobile phones has dramatically increased. They are now an essential part of business, commerce, and communication, however, their use may lead to health problems. Therefore, the present study was designed to investigate a link between the use of mobile phones and hearing and vision symptoms in the Saudi population and also to contribute to the increase in social awareness of health problems associated with the use of these devices.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 873 (57.04% of males and 39.86% of females) subjects using mobile phones were invited to participate in the presented study. A structured questionnaire was distributed among them to collect a detailed medical history. The Chi-square test was employed to observe the relationship between duration of calls and hearing and vision complaints.

RESULTS: The present study showed an association between the use of mobile phones and hearing and vision complaints. About 34.59% of problems were related with impaired hearing, ear ache and/or warmth on the ear, and 5.04% of complaints with the decreased and/or blurred vision.

CONCLUSIONS: It is concluded that the use of mobile phone is a health risk factor, and thus it is suggested that excessive use of mobile phones should be avoided and social awareness increased through health promotion activities, such as group discussions or public presentations and via electronic and printed media sources.

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