EMF Health-effects Research

Epidemiologic analysis of mortality among Motorola employees.

Morgan RW, Kelsh MA, Zhao K,

Presented in Chicago Illinois in December 1993


Contractor: Environmental Health Strategies, Redwood City, California.

After questions about possible health effects from the use of handheld cellular telephones became the focus of media attention in early 1993, Motorola decided that any unknown risks associated with exposure to RF energy might show up in the medical histories of Motorola employees. This was based on the fact that Motorola and its employees have been engaged for decades in the development, testing, production and use of radio communications devices.

An analysis covering more than 93,000 Motorola employees found no increase in overall mortality and significantly fewer deaths from brain cancer -- by a factor of about one-third -- than would be expected based on national averages for people of similar age and sex in the United States. A more thorough phase of this research has been completed and is due to be published in the journal Epidemiology.

This was later published as Morgan RW, Kelsh MA, Zhao K, et al. (2000): Radiofrequency exposure and mortality from cancer of the brain and lymphatic/hematopoietic systems. Epidemiology 11:118-127.

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Note: This is the only epidemiological study that Motorola lists as having directly sponsored. It was also done in 1993 before modern digital mobile handheld phones became common. S.F.

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