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Motorola-funded WTR project

Through its membership in the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), Motorola contributed since 1993 to a US-based industry-supported research program directed by WTR. The program, which draw to a conclusion in June 1999, was designed to assess possible public health risks associated with the use of wireless telephones and included laboratory and epidemiological research.

The WTR program also included a surveillance component, which concluded that there was no scientific basis for intervention by public health authorities in the manufacture, sale or use of wireless communications technologies.

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This was research funded by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association's WTR (Wireless Technology Research) group under Dr George Carlo's direction.

See Dr Carlo's letter to Motorola and the key CTIA executives after leaving WTR. It is interesting to see which WTR studies Motorola have just ignored.

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