EMF Health-effects Research

Is cochlear outer hair cell function affected by mobile telephone radiation?

Monnery PM, Srouji EI, Bartlett J

Clin Otolaryngol 29(6):747-749, 2004

Mobile telephones emit high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). These are known to have measurable biological effects, and possible effects on the auditory system. Otoacoustic emissions give an indication of the functional state of the auditory system. Otoacoustics are known to be highly specific for the individual when the test pulse is identical. In this way, subtle changes in the ear can be detected.

We investigated whether there is a measurable effect on Otoacoustic emissions from PEMF radiation. A total of 12 volunteers were recruited who had normal hearing; confirmed by pure tone audiometry. An Otoacoustic emission trace was obtained. The test subjects were exposed to a mobile telephone that was placed over the test ears mastoid process. The subjects had Otoacoustic emissions measured without the telephone and again on receive and transmit.

There was no change in the trace signature during the test. There was no statistically significant change in the trace figures. This would indicate that PEMF from commonly available hand held mobile telephones have no measurable effect on the outer hair cell function during the time of use.

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