EMF Health-effects Research

The effect of various occupational exposures to microwave radiation on the concentrations of immunoglobulins and T lymphocyte subsets

Moszczynski P, Lisiewicz J, Dmoch A, Zabinski Z, Bergier L, Rucinska M, Sasiadek U,

Wiad Lek 52(1-2):30-34, 1999

[Article in Polish]

The immunoglobulins' concentrations and T lymphocyte subsets during occupational exposures to microwave radiation were assessed. In the workers of retransmission TV center and center of satellite communications on increased IgG and IgA concentration and decreased count of lymphocytes and T8 cells was found. However, in the radar operators IgM concentration was elevated and a decrease in the total T8 cell count was observed.

The different behaviour of examined immunological parameters indicate that the effect of microwave radiation on immune system depends on character of an exposure.

Disorders in the immunoglobulins' concentrations and in the T8 cell count did not cause any clinical consequences.

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