EMF Health-effects Research

Epidemiological study of cellular telephone use and malignant brain tumors.

Muscat J

Presented at the WTR Second State of the Science Colloquium in Long Beach California 1999

Motorola-funded WTR project

This was a hospital based case-control study of cellular telephone use among 466 brain cancer patients and 422 control subjects. It found no increased risk of brain cancer among phone users and no increased risk related to the self-reported frequency or duration of phone use.

There was an elevated risk of neuroepithelliomatous tumors (a rare non-malignant tumor) among phone users, but no correlation between that increase risk (35 cases) and the amount of phone use.

Additional Web Notes

How in God's name do 35 tumours in 466 cancer patients become classified as "rare"?

This is research funded by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association's WTR (Wireless Technology Research) group under Dr George Carlo's direction.

See Dr Carlo's letter to Motorola and the key CTIA executives after leaving WTR. It is interesting to see which WTR studies Motorola just ignored.

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