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Effect of low-intensity pulse-modulated microwave on human blood aspartate aminotransferase activity

Pashovkina MS, Akoev IG

Radiats Biol Radioecol 41(1):59-61, 2001

[Article in Russian]

Pulse-modulated microwaves (frequency 2375 MHz, intensity: 2 microW/cm2 and 8 microW/cm2, pulse modulation from 50 to 390 Hz with step of 20 Hz; exposure time 5 min) changed the activity of aspartataminotranspherase of the donor blood.

Aspartataminotranspherase activity was strongly dependent both on modulation frequency and microwave intensity.

Maximum activity was found at 390 Hz and 8 microW/cm2. Maximum observed activity was about six times greater than control level of activity.

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