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The effect of low level continuous 2.45 GHz waves on enzymes of developing rat brain

Paulraj R, Behari J

Electromag. Biol. Med. 21:221-231, 2002

The present work describes the effect of low level continuous microwaves (2.45 GHz) on developing rat brain. Some 35-day-old Wistar rats were used for this study. The animals were exposed 2 hr/day for 35 days at a power density of 0.34 mW/cm2 [specific absorption rate (SAR), 0.1 W/kg] in a specially made anechoic chamber.

After the exposure, the rats were sacrificed and the brain tissue was dissected out and used for various biochemical assays. A significant increase in calcium ion efflux and ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity was observed in the exposed group as compared to the control. Correspondingly, a significant decrease in the calcium-dependent protein kinase activity was observed.

These results indicate that this type of radiation affects the membrane bound enzymes, which are associated with cell proliferation and differentiation, thereby pointing out its possible role as a tumor promoter.

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