EMF Health-effects Research

Factors influencing the use of cellular (mobile) phone during driving and hazards while using it.

Poysti L, Rajalin S, Summala H.

Accid Anal Prev. 37(1):47-51, 2005

This study addressed the strategic decisions on not using a mobile phone at all while driving, and phone-related driving hazards among those drivers who do use one, reflecting tactical and operational level processes.

A representative sample of 834 licensed drivers who own a mobile phone were interviewed on their phone use and hazards, background factors, and self-image as a driver. Logistic regression models indicated that older age, female gender, smaller amount of driving, and occupation promoted not using a phone at all while driving. Additionally, low skill level and high safety motivation contributed to this decision. Among those who used a phone while driving, exposure to risk in terms of higher mileage and more extensive phone use increased phone-related hazards, as also did young age, leading occupational position, and low safety motivation. Neither gender nor driving skill level had any effect on such self-reported hazards.

This study clearly indicates that potential risks of mobile phones are being controlled at many levels, by strategic as well as tactical decisions and, consequently, phone-related accidents have not increased in line with the use of the mobile phones.

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