EMF Health-effects Research

The effects of 3000 MHz microwave irradiation on electroencephalic energy and energy metabolism in mouse brain.

Pu JS, Chen J, Yang YH, Bai YQ

Electro-and Magneto-biology 16:243-247, 1997

Mice were exposed to 3000 MHz PW 1h daily for 7 days, with long axes parallel to the magnetic field in an anechoic chamber. The average power density was 5mW/cm2, and the estimated SAR was about 2W/kg.

There was no significant core temperature rise in the mice after exposure. After the last irradiation, mice were euthanized and the whole brain were frozen. Half of each brain were measured for SDH, and the other half for ATP.

Results showed that the ATP in the brains and SDH in the hippocampus and hypothalamus in the irradiation group were significantly decreased as compared to the control. The authors suggested that the decrease in SDH caused the decrease in ATP.

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