EMF Health-effects Research

Genotoxic and gene expression effects of 836.62 MHz FMCW and 847.74 MHz CDMA exposure.

Roti-Roti J, Hunt CR, Goswami PC, Moros EG, Pickard WF

Presented at BEMS in St Petersburg, Florida 1998


Contractors: Radiation Oncology Center, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri.

This reviewed a collection of studies at Washington University that explored possible effects of digital (CDMA) cellular telephone signals on transcription factor binding, macromolecular synthesis, proliferation, oncogene expression, DNA damage, transformation and cytoskeleton organisation. With the exception of previously discussed c-fos expression, none of the assays found evidence of biologically relevant RF effects from exposure at 0.6 W/kg.

Additional Web Notes

This is actually an overview, not a study. It shouldn't be listed in this Motorola collection. See comments on this work and on Motorola's "war gaming" of Lai-Singh.

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