EMF Health-effects Research

Study of effects of low level microwave field by method of face masking,

Rodina A, Lass J, Riipulk J, Bachmann T, Hinrikus H,

Bioelectromagnetics, 26(7):571-577, 2005

The aim of this study was to examine experimentally effects of low level, modulated microwaves on human central nervous system function utilizing the phenomenon of visual masking.

Ten healthy volunteers, four males and six females, were exposed to electromagnetic field (450 MHz, 0.16 mW/cm2) with 7 Hz modulation frequency.

Two photo series (visual stimuli) of unfamiliar, young male faces were presented to the subjects, one picture after another. All the photos were frontal views of unfamiliar faces, which could be recognized only by their unique combinations of features.

The task was to identify the pictures from a group of six photos and to decide which order they were presented in. The phenomenon of visual masking is revealed as anamorphosis in subject's perception of two instantaneous visual stimuli presented within a short time interval.

When both stimuli were to be recognized correctly and put in the right order, there was a statistically significant difference (P < 0.05) between the identification of the stimulus with microwave electromagnetic field and sham exposure. Recognition of both stimuli in a pair was better under the sham exposure conditions but the actual difference was only 5%.

It was concluded that early stages of visual information processing are overwhelmingly robust and routine (and adaptively significant) activities, so that the low level 7 Hz modulated electromagnetic field effects exerted upon it are extremely weak.

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