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Overall mortality of cellular telephone customers.

Rothman KJ, Loughlin JE, Funch DP, Dreyer NA,

Epidemiology 7(3):303-305, 1996

Unlike mobile cellular telephones, in which the antenna is not part of the handset, a portable cellular telephone exposes the user's head to radio frequency energy transmitted from the antenna. This exposure has prompted concerns about potential biological effects, including brain cancer.

As a first step in a record-based mortality surveillance of cellular telephone customers, we report on overall mortality of a cohort of more than 250,000 portable and mobile telephone customers during 1994.

We found age-specific rates to be similar for users of the two types of telephones. For customers with accounts at least 3 years old, the ratio of mortality rates in 1994 for portable telephone users, compared with mobile telephone users, was 0.86 (90% Confidence interval = 0.47-1.53).

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