EMF Health-effects Research

Survey study of people living in the vicinity of cellular phone base stations.

Santini R, Santini P, Le Ruz P, Danze JM, Seigne M

Electromag Biol Med 22:41-49, 2003

A survey study was conducted, using a questionnaire, on 530 people (270 men, 260 women) living or not in proximity to cellular phone base stations. Eighteen different symptoms (Non Specific Health Symptoms-NSHS), described as radiofrequency sickness, were studied by means of the chi-square test with Yates correction.

The results that were obtained underline that certain complaints are experienced only in the immediate vicinity of base stations (up to 10 m for nausea, loss of appetite, visual disturbances), and other at greater distances from base stations (u to 100 m for irritability, depressive tendencies, lowering of libido, and up to 200 m for headaches, sleep disturbance, feeling of discomfort). In the 200 m to 300 m zone, only the complaint of fatigue is experienced significantly more often when compared with subjects residing at more than 300 m or not exposed (reference group).

For seven of the studied symptoms and for the distance up to 300 m, the frequency of reported complaints is significantly higher (P< 0.05) for women in comparison to men. Significant differences are also observed in relation to the ages of subjects, and for the location of subjects in relation to the antennas and to other electromagnetic factors.

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