EMF Health-effects Research

Concerns about sources of electromagnetic interference in patients with pacemakers

Sakakibara Y, Mitsui T

Jpn Heart J 40(6):737-743, 1999

Electromagnetic noise is rapidly increasing in our environment so electromagnetic interference (EMI) with pacemakers (PM) may become a more important problem despite technological improvements in PM. The aim of this study was to evaluate the kinds of EMI which affect the quality of life of PM patients.

The participants (1,942 Japanese Association for Pacemaker Patients: Pacemaker-Tomonokai) were asked to respond to a questionnaire about their major EMI troubles, and 1,567 patients (80.7%) responded by mail. The main concerns were from mobile telephones (MT) (39%), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (17%), electronic kitchen appliances, automobile engines and high voltage power lines.

If possible, PM implantation sites should be carefully selected not only according to the physician's convenience but also considering information on each patient's habits and physical limitations.

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