EMF Health-effects Research

Modification of acoustic startle by microwave pulses in the rat: a preliminary report.

Seaman RL, Beblo DA

Bioelectromagnetics 13(4):323-328, 1992

Single, 1.25-GHz microwave pulses of 0.8- to 1.0-microseconds duration were presented to each of four rats 100 ms before presentation of a startle-inducing acoustic stimulus. This sequential pairing of microwave pulse and acoustic stimulus was found to modify the startle response.

At an energy dose to the head of 22-43 mJ/kg per pulse (peak SAR, 23-48 kW/kg), the mean latency to the startle response was longer and the mean amplitude of the response was smaller with respect to control responses that occurred to acoustic stimuli alone.

However, at a higher energy dose per microwave pulse in the range of 59-107 mJ/kg (peak SAR, 63-111 kW/kg), the mean latency and amplitude of the startle response were not statistically different from the respective means of control responses.

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