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DNA damage and repair induced by acute exposure of microwave from mobile phone on cultured human lens epithelial cells

Sun LX, Yao K, Jiang H, He JL, Lu DQ, Wang KJ, Li HW

Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi, 42(12):1084-1088, 2006

[Article in Chinese]

.OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of acute exposure of low-power 217 Hz modulated 1. 8 GHz microwave radiation on the DNA damage of human lens epithelial cells (hLECs) and repair.

METHODS: Cultured hLECs were exposed to 217 Hz modulated 1. 8 GHz microwave radiation at SAR (specific absorption rate) of 1. 0, 2. 0, 3. O0 and 4. 0 W/kg for 2 hours in an sXc-1800 incubator and irradiate system, the DNA single strand breaks were detected with comet assay ( single-cell gel electrophoresis) in sham-irradiated cells and irradiated cells incubated for varying periods: 0, 30 and 60 minutes after irradiation.

Images of comets were digitized and analyzed using an Imagine-pro plus software, and the indexes used in this study were tail length (TL) and tail moment (TM). BrdU was added into the medium with additional one hour incubation after radiation, the cell proliferation rate was determined using a BrdU-kit.

RESULTS: The difference of DNA-breaks between the exposure and sham exposure groups induced by 1.0 and 2.0 W/kg irradiation were not significant in each time points (P > 0.05) ; there were significant difference in both groups at the exposure dose of 3. 0 and 4. 0 W/kg immediately and at the time of 30 minutes after irradiation (P <0. 01) ; if the radiation exposure time was beyond one hour no differences were be able to detected in 3.0 W/kg group (P > 0. 05) compared with control, but the evidence of significant DNA damage still existed in 4. 0 W/kg group at the same time point.

Cell proliferation rate had no significant difference when the application of SAR was < or = 3. 0 W/kg (P >0. 05) , however the cell proliferation was decreased significantly at the dose of 4. 0 W/kg irradiation ( P < 0. 01). CONCLUSIONS: No effective DNA damage was induced using comet assay after 2 hours irradiation of 1. 8 GHz microwave on hLECs at the dose SAR < or = 3.0 W/kg. 4.0 W/kg irradiation caused significantly DNA damage and inhibition of hLECs proliferation.

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