EMF Health-effects Research

A follow-up study of electromagnetic interference of cellular phones on electronic medical equipment in the emergency department.

Tat FH, Wah KC, Hung YH

Emerg Med (Fremantle) 14(3):315-319, 2002

OBJECTIVE: Considering the growing use of cellular phones and the fast appearance of new phone models, the electromagnetic interference of currently popular cellular phones on electronic medical equipment was tested.

METHODS: Three Personal Communication System cellular phones were put at different distances from multiple electronic medical devices, the interference effect was observed and the electromagnetic field strength measured with a spectrum analyser.

RESULTS: Only two small pieces of equipment, the CO2 airway adapter and the haemoglucostix meter were affected and then only when the phone was in very close proximity.

CONCLUSION: Compared to the results of our study in 1997 testing Global System for Mobile Communication phones, the Personal Communication System phones generated less electromagnetic interference. However a much larger scaled study and an accurate international electromagnetic interference standard are recommended before any change in the current restrictive hospital policy on mobile phone usage could be recommended.

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