EMF Health-effects Research

Plant sensitivity to low intensity 105 GHz electromagnetic radiation.

Tafforeau M, Verdus MC, Norris V, White GJ, Cole M, Demarty M, Thellier M, Ripoll C.

Bioelectromagnetics. 25(6):403-407, 2004

Exposing seedlings of the flax, Linum usitatissimum L., to a variety of weak environmental stresses followed by a 2 day calcium deprivation, triggers the common response of production of epidermal meristems (actively dividing groups of cells) in the hypocotyl, which is the part of the stem between the root and the cotyledons (the pre-existing leaves in the embryo). This production reaches a plateau of 10-20 meristems after a month in the case of mechanical stimulation and cold shock.

Recently, we have shown that radiation from a global system for mobile communication (GSM) telephone also triggers production of meristems with a plateau of around six meristems.

Here, we show that a single 2 h exposure to radiation emitted at 105 GHz at non-thermal levels by a Gunn oscillator induces meristem production with kinetics similar to that induced by weak environmental stimuli and radiation from GSM telephone.

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