EMF Health-effects Research

Blood-forming system in rats after whole-body microwave exposure; reference to the lymphocytes

Trosic I, Busljeta I, Pavicic I.

Toxicol Lett.154(1-2):125-132, 2004

The influence of 2.45GHz microwave (RF/MW) irradiation on blood-forming cells after whole-body irradiation of rats was investigated.

The exposures were conducted with a field power density of 5-10mW/cm2, and whole-body average specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1-2W/kg. Four experimental subgroups were created and irradiated 2, 8, 15 or 30 days, for 2h a day, 7 days a week. Concurrent sham-exposed rats were also included in the study.

The cell response was assessed by number and type of the bone marrow nuclear cells and peripheral blood white cells using standard laboratory methods.

Significant decrease in lymphoblast count was obtained at 15 and 30th experimental day (P < 0.05), whereas other examined parameters did not significantly differed in comparison to the sham-exposed controls. The findings point out at stress response in blood-forming system in rats after selected microwave exposure, which could be considered rather as sign of adaptation than malfunction.

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