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Effect of vitamin E on morphological variation of retinal ganglion cells after microwave radiation

Yang R, Chen J, Deng Z, Liu X,

Wei Sheng Yan Jiu 30(1):31-33, 2001

[Article in Chinese]

To determine the morphological variation in the primary cultured pig retinal ganglion cells induced by microwave and the protection of VE can supply some experiment foundation for study of effect of microwave and its protection. Retinal ganglion cells of pig were cultured in vitro and added VE of different concentration, Each group was taken after 30 mW/cm2 microwave intensity radiated for 1 h in shielded room by 2450 MHz continuous wave physiotherapy machine.

Immediately after radiation, the morphological variation of cells was observed by optics microscope and transmission electronic microscope. The result showed that a portion of cells congregated, with their axon disappeared after radiation. Mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum are detected swelling by transmission electronic microscope.

The results showed that A poptosis cells can be observed. Cells of VE added groups had not obvious changes with optics microscope, but could be found that mitochondria swelling lightly and integrate mitochondria cristae by transmission electronic microscope.

The results showed that microwave induced the morphological damage in primary cultured retinal ganglion cells, VE could reduced the damage of retina ganglion cells by microwave in some extent.

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