EMF Health-effects Research

Selected parameters of circulatory system function in various occupational groups exposed to HF EMF

Zmyslony M, Bortkiewicz A, Aniolczyk H,

Med Pr 47(1):9-14, 1996

Evaluation of selected parameters of circulatory system function in various occupational groups of workers exposed to high frequency electromagnetic fields [Article in Polish]

In various branches of the national economy there is a continuous increase in the use of devices producing electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Therefore, the number of persons exposed more or less to EMFs is still growing. Moreover, devices producing electromagnetic fields such as microwave ovens, cellular phones, microwave alarms etc. are now in common use.

Both theoretical deliberations and laboratory studies indicate that electromagnetic fields affect the human body inducing a number of physical phenomena manifested by biological changes or even disorders in organic functions. Because of their electric character, the circulatory and nervous systems are particularly vulnerable to the EMF effect.

Studies aimed at evaluating the circulatory system in persons exposed, in different degress, to EMF were initiated at the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in 1993. To date, the studies have covered a group of workers employed at AM broadcast stations, radio link stations and radioservice.

As we have obtained a quite an extensive material, it is our intention to present it in a series of publications. This one deals with the evaluation of exposure in the study group of workers.

Evaluation methods and results of exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields at workplaces under are study presented.

No exposure to EMFs was found in workers at radio link stations. Therefore, they can serve as a control group in the studies of the EMF effect on the circulatory system.

Exposure of radioservice and AM broadcast stations workers falls within allowable levels according to binding regulations, however, exposure of the latter was by several times higher than that of radioservice workers.

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