EMF Health-effects Research

Adaptation of human brain bioelectrical activity to low-level microwave.

Bachmann M, Rubljova J, Lass J, Tomson R, Tuulik V, Hinrikus H,

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 4747-4750, 2007

The experiments of adaptation of the human brain bioelectrical activity were carried out on a group of 14 healthy volunteers exposed to 450 MHz microwave radiation modulated at 40 Hz frequencies.

The field power density at the scalp was 0.16 mW/cm2. Results of the study indicate that adaptation effect of human brain to low-level microwave exposure is evident. The initial increase of EEG power was compensated and even overcompensated. The adaptation phenomena were obvious in EEG alpha and beta rhythms.

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