Abstracts of recent
EMF Health-effects Research

(Listed by scientific approach)

These studies relate to research (both independent and company/industry sponsored) into the possible health effects of long-term use of mobile- and cellular phones. They deal specifically with both the cellphone handsets and the possible exposure effects from the transmission towers, however they also include studies into similar forms of radiation from television transmission towers, radar, etc. The studies looking into mains power will be included at a later date.
  • Epidemiology                                                             [Notes on Epidemiology]
    Statistical studies of populations.

  • In Vivo
    Studies made using live animals.

  • In Vitro                                                                         [Notes on In Vitro research]
    Studies made in the laboratory using cell cultures.

  • In Utero
    Studies specifically aimed at pregnancy and embryo development.

  • Human Studies
    Studies made using human volunteer subjects.

  • Dosimetry
    Studies on the levels of exposure to RF, and on techniques for synthesising human tissue exposure in the laboratory.

  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous studies, overviews, vehicle accidents, anecdotal evidence, etc.

  • 50/60 Hz Mains Power
    Studies on possible health effects of mains current at low frequencies.

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