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Resonance effect of microwaves on the genome conformational state of E. coli cells.

Belyaev IYa, Alipov YD, Shcheglov VS, Lystsov VN

Z Naturforsch [C] 47(7-8):621-827, 1992

The effect of low intensity microwaves on the conformational state of the genome of X-irradiated E. coli cells was studied by the method of viscosity anomalous time dependencies. It has been established that within the ranges of 51.62-51.84 GHz and 41.25-41.50 GHz the frequency dependence of the observed effect has a resonance nature with a resonance half-width of the order of 100 MHz.

The power dependence of the microwave effect within the range of 0.1-200 microW/cm2 has shown that a power density of 1 microW/cm2 is sufficient to suppress radiation-induced repair of the genome conformational state.

The effect of microwave suppression of repair is well reproduced and does not depend on the sequence of cell exposure to X-rays and microwave radiation in the millimeter band. The results obtained indicate the role of the cell genome in the resonant interaction of cells with low intensity millimeter waves.

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