EMF Health-effects Research

Ouabain inhibition of kidney ATPase is altered by 9.14 GHz radiation.

Brown HD, Chattopadhyay SK,

Bioelectromagnetics 12(3):137-143, 1991

At each of several stabilized temperatures between 7.0 and 43.8 degrees C, increases in dog-kidney, Na(+)-, K(+)-ATPase catalytic activity were usually observed in association with exposure for 5 min to 9.14 GHz CW microwave radiation in a thin tubular reactor. However, at 24.9 degrees C, a 23% decrease occurred.

Comparisons of activity of ouabain-inhibited reactions revealed that the efficacy of the cardiac glycoside as an inhibitor of ATPase activity was severely diminished by the microwave field. The ouabain-site control mechanism may be a specific microwave target at this exposure frequency.

Experimental results can be interpreted in terms of molecular structural changes or direct energy input.

The estimated SAR of energy that was incident on preparations is 20 W/kg.

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