EMF Health-effects Research

Neurophyschological performance of healthy subjects under low-frequency pulsed RF fields.

Calabrese P,

Presented at Second World Congress in Bologna, Italy 1997

Motorola-funded FGF project

Human subjects (n=52) were exposed to 914.2 MHz GSM signals for 10 minutes (during the 11th -20th min of a 30-min EEG recording) at a transmitted power of 8 W from an antenna positioned 45 cm above the subject's head, and produced an incident field strength of ~ 40 V/m (not exceeding the limit according to DIN/VDE 0848).

No effects were reported on cognitive functions.

This is the same group of subjects used for the Spittler et al study.

Additional Web Notes

This appears to be just another re-write of the Spittler study, since that obviously involved EEGs as well. SF.

This is research funded through the German organisation called FGF (Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk) which is itself funded by both the cellular telephone industry and the radio and television broadcasters.

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