EMF Health-effects Research

Focus formation of C3H/10T1/2 cells and exposure to 836.55 MHz modulated RF.

Cain CD, Thomas DL, Adey WR,

Bioelectromagnetics 18:237-243 1997


Contractors: Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, California

This study explored the possible co-promoting effect of RF exposure from a 836.55 MHz time division multiple access (TDMA) signal on cells when administered in combination with the classic tumor-promoting agent TPA. Cell cultures were exposed 24 hours a day for 28 days in a repeating cycle (20 minutes on/20 minutes off) at 0.15, 1.5, or 15W/g.

The study found no significant difference in the frequency of focus formation between exposed vs. unexposed cells at any power level.

The authors stated that "the results support a conclusion that repeated exposures to this RF field do not influence tumor promotion in vitro, based on the RF field's inability to enhance TPA-induced focus formation.

Additional Web Notes

Readers should, in general, be wary of Motorola- or Nokia-funded research, but some has clearly been done by top biomedical researchers, as is the case above. However the abstracts from these studies are often written by Motorola's PR department, and the contracts sometimes place limitations on reporting.

Some company-funded studies are difficult to judge in terms of credibility, and some are clearly dubious.

See also Dr Adey's overview of the evidence of R/F effects on the brain and nervous system.

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