EMF Health-effects Research

A numerical and experimental comparison of human head phantoms for compliance testing of mobile telephone equipment.

Christ A, Chavannes N, Nikoloski N, Gerber HU, Pokovic K, Kuster N.

Bioelectromagnetics. 26(2):125-137, 2005

A new human head phantom has been proposed by CENELEC/IEEE, based on a large scale anthropometric survey. This phantom is compared to a homogeneous Generic Head Phantom and three high resolution anatomical head models with respect to specific absorption rate (SAR) assessment. The head phantoms are exposed to the radiation of a generic mobile phone (GMP) with different antenna types and a commercial mobile phone.

The phones are placed in the standardized testing positions and operate at 900 and 1800 MHz. The average peak SAR is evaluated using both experimental (DASY3 near field scanner) and numerical (FDTD simulations) techniques. The numerical and experimental results compare well and confirm that the applied SAR assessment methods constitute a conservative approach.

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