EMF Health-effects Research

Is the brain influenced by a phone call? An EEG study of resting wakefulness.

Curcio G, Ferrara M, Moroni F, D'Inzeo G, Bertini M, De Gennaro L.

Neurosci Res. Aug 12; 2005

[Epub ahead of print]

We recorded the resting electroencephalogram of 20 healthy subjects in order to investigate the effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on EEG waking activity and its temporal development.

The subjects were randomly assigned to two groups and exposed, in double-blind conditions, to a typical mobile phone signal (902.40MHz, modulated at 217Hz, with an average power of 0.25W) before or during the EEG recording session.

The results show that, under real exposure as compared to baseline and sham conditions, EEG spectral power was influenced in some bins of the alpha band. This effect was greater when the EMF was on during the EEG recording session than before it.

The present data lend further support to the idea that pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields can affect normal brain functioning, also if no conclusions can be drawn about the possible health effects.

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