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The effect of exposure to radio frequency EMF on the proliferation of the 9L brain tumour In vivo

Culbreth WP, Spitz DR, Pickard WF, LaRegina MA, Straube W, Moros E, Gutting KM, Kuepfort HL, Roti-Roti JL, Higashinkubo R,

Radiation Research (submitted) 1998


Contractor: Radiation Oncology Centre, Washington Uni, School of medicine, St Louis, Missouri.

This study examined the possible effect of analog (835.62 MHz FMCW) or digital (847.74 MHz CDMA) signals comparable to those used in cellular telephony affected the progression of 9L tumor cells implanted in Fischer 344 rats. Exposure occured four hours a day, five days a week, from one month prior to and continuing for 150 days after tumor cell injection.

No effect on 9L tumor growth were found from FMCW or CDMA exposure.

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