EMF Health-effects Research

Observations of changes in neurobehavioral functions in workers exposed to high-frequency radiation

Duan L, Shan Y, Yu X

Chung Hua Yu Fang I Hsueh Tsa Chih 32(2):109-111, 1998

[Article in Chinese]

OBJECTIVE: To study the effects of exposure to high-frequency radiation on neurobehavioral function of the exposed workers and its measurement in evaluating occupational hazards caused by it.

METHODS: Four neurobehavioral functions were tested for the workers exposed to high-frequency radiation with Neurobehavioral Core Tests Battery recommended by WHO.

RESULTS: Scores for various indicators in exposed workers were significantly lower than those in controls, and correlated to the detection of neurasthenia in the exposed workers, to certain extent.

CONCLUSION: Changes in neurobehavioral function in workers exposed to high-frequency radiation can reflect its important adverse effects.

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