EMF Health-effects Research

Effect on the immune system of mice exposed chronically to 50 Hz amplitude-modulated 2.45 GHz microwaves.

Elekes E, Thuroczy G, Szabo LD

Bioelectromagnetics 17(3):246-248, 1996

The effect of continuous (CW; 2.45 GHz carrier frequency) or amplitude-modulated (AM; 50 Hz square wave) microwave radiation on the immune response was tested.

CW exposures (6 days, 3 h/day) induced elevations of the number of antibody-producing cells in the spleen of male Balb/c mice (+37%). AM microwave exposure induced elevation of the spleen index (+15%) and antibody-producing cell number (+55%) in the spleen of male mice. No changes were observed in female mice.

It is concluded that both types of exposure conditions induced moderate elevation of antibody production only in male mice.

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