EMF Health-effects Research

Expression of the immediate early gene, c-fos, in mouse brain after acute global system for mobile communication microwave exposure.

Finnie JW.

Pathology. 37(3):231-233, 2005

AIMS: To study the effect of acute exposure to global system for mobile communication radiofrequency fields on immediate early gene, c-fos, expression in the brain.

METHODS: Using a purpose-designed exposure system at 900 MHz, mice were given a single, far-field, whole body exposure for 60 minutes at a specific absorption rate of 4 W/kg. Control mice were sham-exposed or freely mobile in a cage without further restraint. c-fos protein expression was detected immunohistochemically in perfusion-fixed brains.

RESULTS: Activation of c-fos in exposed and sham-exposed brains was comparable, but was greatly increased compared with freely moving controls.

CONCLUSION: These results suggest that the majority of the acute genomic response detected by c-fos expression was due to immobilisation rather than irradiation.

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