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Expression of the immediate early gene, c-fos, in fetal brain after whole of gestation exposure of pregnant mice to global system for mobile communication microwaves,

Finnie JW, Cai Z, Blumbergs PC, Manavis J, Kuchel TR

Pathology, 38(4):333-335, 2006

Aims: To study immediate early gene, c-fos, expression as a marker of neural stress after whole of gestation exposure of the fetal mouse brain to mobile telephone-type radiofrequency fields.

Methods: Using a purpose-designed exposure system at 900 MHz, pregnant mice were given a single, far-field, whole body exposure at a specific absorption rate of 4 W/kg for 60 min/day from day 1 to day 19 of gestation. Pregnant control mice were sham-exposed or freely mobile in a cage without further restraint.

Immediately prior to parturition on gestational day 19, fetal heads were collected, fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and paraffin embedded. Any stress response in the brain was detected by c-fos immunohistochemistry in the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus, hippocampus, midbrain, cerebellum and medulla.Results: c-fos expression was of limited, but consistent, neuroanatomical distribution and there was no difference in immunoreactivity between exposed and control brains.

Conclusion: In this animal model, no stress response was detected in the fetal brain using c-fos immunohistochemistry after whole of gestation exposure to mobile telephony.

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