EMF Health-effects Research

Do weak RF fields influence the calcium regulation in hamster pinealocytes and human retinoblastoma cells?

Gollnick F, Lerchl A, Neihaus M, Brendal H, Hansen VW, Meyer R

Presented at BEMS Long Beach California 1999

Motorola-funded FGF project

Contractors: University Bonn, University Munster and University Wuppertal.

This study explored possible effects of RF exposure (900 MHz or 1.8 GHz GSM) on the melatonin production of pinealocytes and retinoblastoma cells. Intracellular Ca++ concentrations were measured to detect short-term effects on melatonin homeostasis.

RF exposure at 900MHz did not affect Ca++ concentration, in contrast to chemical stimulation used as a positive control. Exposures at 1.8 GHz were underway.

Additional Web Notes

An extraordinary report - half completed.

This is research funded through the German organisation called FGF (Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk) which is itself funded by both the cellular telephone industry and the radio and television broadcasters.

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