EMF Health-effects Research

Effects of GSM electromagnetic field on the MEG during an encoding-retrieval task.

Hinrichs H, Heinze HJ

Neuroreport. 15(7):1191-1194, 2004

Potential effects of GSM 1800 electromagnetic fields (EMF) on verbal memory encoding were investigated by recording event-related magnetic fields (ERMF) from the brain during subsequent memory retrieval.

Twelve normal subjects participated in the study. After encoding words from a study list presented in the first phase they had to discriminate old from new words mixed together in a test list presented during the second phase. All subjects performed two experimental sessions, one with exposure to EMF during the study phase, and one without.

Exposure to EMF changed an early (350-400 ms) task-specific component of the ERMF indicating an interference of EMF and item encoding. Behavioural measures were not significantly affected. Adverse health effects cannot be derived from these data.

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