EMF Health-effects Research

Quantitative patterns in the cytogenetic action of microwaves

Koveshnikov IV, Antipenko EN

Radiobiologiia 31(1):149-151, 1991

[Article in Russian]

It was shown on hepatocytes of albino mongrel rats that the energy flow density (EFD) of 100 muW/cm2 approximated the level at which the mutagenic effects of microwaves started developing (3,000 MHz, pulse frequency 400 Hz, 60 days, 12 h a day).

The severity of the mutagenic effects of radiation with EFD of 100, 500 and 2,500 muW/cm2 depended on the type of the microwave generation that was responsible for the energy loading variations. The increase in the total radiation energy levelled the mutagenic effects of microwaves of all three intensities.

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