EMF Health-effects Research

GSM phone signal does not produce subjective symptoms.

Koivisto M, Haarala C, Krause CM, Revonsuo A, Laine M, Hamalainen H,

Bioelectromagnetics 22(3):212-515, 2001

The influence of pulsed radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields of digital GSM mobile phones (902 MHz, 217 Hz pulse modulation) on subjective symptoms or sensations in healthy subjects were studied in two single-blind experiments. The duration of the RF exposure was about 60 min in Experiment 1 and 30 min in Experiment 2.

Each subject rated symptoms or sensations in the beginning of the experimental session and at the end of both the exposure and the nonexposure conditions. The symptoms rated were headache, dizziness, fatigue, itching or tingling of the skin, redness on the skin, and sensations of warmth on the skin.

The results did not reveal any differences between exposure and non-exposure conditions, suggesting that a 30-60 min exposure to this RF field does not produce subjective symptoms in humans.

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