EMF Health-effects Research

The effects of electromagnetic field emitted by GSM phones on working memory.

Koivisto M, Krause CM, Revonsuo A, Laine M, Hamalainen H

Neuroreport 2000 Jun 5;11(8):1641-3, 2000

Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Psychology, University of Turku, Finland.

The influence of pulsed radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields of digital GSM mobile phones on working memory in healthy subjects were studied. Memory load was varied from 0 to 3 items in an n-back task. Each subject was tested twice within a single session, with and without the RF exposure (902MHz, 217Hz).

The RF field speeded up response times when the memory load was three items but no effects of RF were observed with lower loads. The results suggest that RF fields have a measurable effect on human cognitive performance and encourage further studies on the interactions of RF fields with brain function.         

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