EMF Health-effects Research

Evaluation of the levels of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields

L'Abbate N, Pranzo S, Martucci V, Rella C, Vitucci L, Salamanna S.

G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 26(1):19-27, 2004

[Evaluation of the levels of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in the territory of the city of Bari in outside and inside environments]

[Article in Italian]

In this study we measured the levels of the high frequency field in the proximity of non-ionizing radiation sources (wireless transmitting stations for mobile telephones and radio and television transmitters) in nine districts of the city of Bari. The measurements were taken both inside and outside closed environments. For the indoor measurements we took into account electromagnetic field generating equipment (VDT, electric domestic appliances, mobile telephones) in working and non-working order and with the windows open and shut respectively.

We carried out these measurements according to the methods laid down in the Italian regulation CEI ENV 50166-2 of May 1995, as shown in the enclosure to the Ministerial Decree of 10.9.98 n.381.

The electromagnetic field levels near wireless transmitting stations for mobile telephones are certainly modest when we consider that they never exceeded the limits established by the aforesaid Ministerial Decree. On the contrary radio and television equipment creates a much greater source of exposure. The electromagnetic field levels are certainly superior to those of the wireless transmitting stations although they never exceed, except in one isolated case, the values established by the Ministerial Decree 381/98.

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