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Measurement of DNA damage after acute exposure to 2450 MHz microwaves in rat brain cells.

LaGroye I, Wettring BA, Moros EG, Straube WL, Pickard WF, Roti-Roti JL, Anane, LaRegina MA, Niehoff x

Presented at the 21st Annual BEMS meeting in Long Beach, California, 1999


Contractor: Radiation Oncology Center, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri.

This was a "Comparison by two alkaline comet-assay methods".

This was a further investigation by the same laboratory of the research by Drs Lai and Singh (1995) that reported RF-induced DNA damage (single strand breaks) in rat brain cells from continuous wave 2450 MHz exposure. Previous research by this laboratory found no evidence of DNA effects using a comet assay developed by Dr Peggy Olive.

This study explored the possible effect of pulsed wave 2450 MHz exposure on DNA damage, as measured by the Olive method and the method developed by Dr.Singh. The researchers found no evidence of DNA damage using either assay. Their comparison of the two indicated the Olive version to be more sensitive than the Singh version in animals exposed to ionizing radiation as a positive control.

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The last statement is highly questionable. This is also the laboratory which made claims of comet assay sensitivies (with its positive controls) which both Dr Olive and Dr Singh say is impossible -- at least 100 to 150-times too high. Both the laboratory and the scientists involved refuse to demonstrate these remarkable techniques to other comet-assay experts. See comments on this work.

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