EMF Health-effects Research

Gender-specific reproductive outcome and exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation among physiotherapists.

Larsen AI, Olsen J, Svane O,

Scand J Work Environ Health 17(5):324-329, 1991

The aim of this case-referent study was to investigate reproductive hazards other than congenital malformations after exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Cases and referents were sampled from a cohort of pregnancies of members of the Union of Danish Physiotherapists through linkage of the union file with national medical registers. Case groups were spontaneous abortions and children with low birth-weight prematurity, and stillbirth/death within one year.

Exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation before and during pregnancy was assessed through telephone interviews. As referents to the 270 cases, 316 pregnancies were randomly sampled. A total of 8.4% did not participate.

Only 23.5% of the children born by the highly exposed mothers were boys. This value is a statistically significantly altered gender ratio showing a dose-response pattern.

High-frequency electromagnetic radiation was furthermore associated with low birthweight, but only for male newborns. The other outcomes were not statistically significantly associated with exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

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