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Microwave-induced thermoelastic pressure wave propagation in the cat brain.

Lin JC, Su JL, Wang Y

Bioelectromagnetics. 1988;9(2):141-7 1988

This paper presents direct measurements of acoustic pressure wave propagation in cat brains irradiated with pulsed 2.45-GHz microwaves. Short rectangular microwave pulses (2 microseconds, 15 kW peak power) were applied singly through a direct-contact applicator located at the occipital pole of a cat's head. Acoustic pressure waves were detected by using a small hydrophone transducer, which was inserted stereotaxically into the brain of an anesthetized animal through a matrix of holes drilled on the skull.

The measurements clearly indicate that pulsed microwaves induce acoustic pressure waves which propagate with an acoustic wave velocity of 1523 m/s.

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